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Last Updated: October 2020

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Terms of Services & User Agreement

To ensure that you fully understand the rights of registered users (hereinafter referred to as "users" or "you") who are members of Cpromo ("Cpromo" or "we"), online forums and social media accounts, and what we do to you. Responsibility, Cpromo specially formulated this User Agreement. The above websites, online forums and social media accounts include, but are not limited to, and its forums, as well as Cpromo's Sina Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, Renren, WeChat, etc. (collectively referred to as "Websites and Forums"). Other affiliate social media accounts. As a user of these websites and forums, you agree to have read, understood and agree to the following Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by those Terms and Conditions, including any future modifications or updates.

These terms and conditions will govern how you use our website and forums and become a legally enforceable contract between you and Cpromo. If you are unable to accept these terms and conditions, please do not use our website and forums.

Cpromo may make changes to these terms and conditions at any time through the website and forum. Any changes will take effect at the time of publication

Terms and conditions

According to the Online Children's Privacy Protection Act, in any case, those websites and forums and related services of Cpromo may not be used under the age of thirteen.

Users can use Cpromo's websites and forums directly without having to sign up for an account, but if they want to use a specific service on the website and forum, they will need to create an account. All information provided by a user when creating an account must be true, accurate, up-to-date, and complete. Users are responsible for ensuring that all their activities and login information and passwords are secure.

Users of the Cpromo website and forums must meet the following conditions and hereby represent and warrant that: (1) they are 13 years of age or older; (2) are currently not restricted from using our services, or are not restricted from registering with the Cpromo account; (3) Non-Cpromo competitors, and may not use the account for any purpose of competing with Cpromo; (4) have all the powers or authorizations to enter into this agreement, including exercising such powers as any entity or individual representative, and signing this The agreement does not violate any other agreement signed by the entity or individual represented by the person or entity; (5) does not violate any rights of Cpromo, including intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark rights; (6) agrees to use the Cpromo website, forum and account number. Cost of equipment, software and internet access.

Users who post messages on Cpromo's websites and forums must choose a unique username instead of a duplicate username, so if the username entered by the user is already taken, the user will be prompted to choose another username. Cpromo reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to ban the use of any particular email service or ISP. Any information posted on the Site and the Forum, including any documents contained in the posted information, represents the publisher's own views and should not be considered as advice or advice from any person or entity associated with it. Although Cpromo can monitor the content and style of messages and documents posted on websites and forums through moderators and administrators, users hereby confirm that Cpromo does not undertake such monitoring obligations. Given the real-time nature of the bulletin board, it is impossible for Cpromo to monitor or review all messages and documents. The User hereby agrees that Cpromo and its related individuals or entities are not responsible for the content, accuracy, completeness or validity of any messages posted on the Site and Forum. The User hereby agrees not to use the Site and Forum to post, link or attach any false and/or defamatory, misleading, fraudulent, illegal, indefinite, abusive, vulgar, hateful Documents, information and materials that are harassing, defamatory, pornographic, threatening, infringing on personal privacy or otherwise violating any laws and regulations. The User agrees that no copyrighted material will be released without the express permission of the copyright holder, except where the copyright belongs to the user or to Cpromo.

The User hereby grants Cpromo a worldwide permanent royalty-free license to use, for any purpose, to forward, copy, adopt, reproduce, and disseminate the content and information posted by users on the Site and Forums in any existing media and future media. . The User expressly agrees that Cpromo may, at its sole discretion, use any content posted by the User or any ideas, concepts, knowledge and technology contained in any communication sent to Cpromo for any purpose, including but not limited to the use of such information. , production and marketing of products and services.

Cpromo reserves the right to remove any message at its discretion for any reason. The User hereby agrees to be solely responsible for the content of the published information and to compensate any losses incurred by Cpromo, its agents and employees for the appearance and/or transmission of the information.

Websites and forums will present third-party coupons, deals, advertisements, and other offers to users (collectively, "offers"). An offer is a product and service provided by a third party (collectively referred to as the "seller"). If the user chooses to accept the offer, it is deemed to have concluded a deal with the seller. Cpromo is not a transaction-related party and therefore does not assume any responsibility for transactions between the user and the seller. Cpromo is not responsible for fulfilling any offer.

Before the user purchases the product or service or accepts the offer in any other way, please read the entire description of the offer, including the subsidiary rules and any additional terms and conditions specified on the seller's website. The user must know the product or service to be purchased based on the seller's instructions. The terms and conditions of the offer, including refunds and cancellations, are subject to the seller’s policy. Seller policy is not subject to Cpromo. In any case, Cpromo is not responsible for transactions between the user and the seller. For questions about the offer or the transaction between the user and the seller, please contact the seller directly.

General regulations

Cpromo provides free online coupon service for users. Cpromo does not assume any responsibility for redemption, error/negligence or expiration of online coupons. Users should ensure that there are discounts, special offers or free gifts during the seller's checkout process. All offers and promotions on the website and forum are subject to change without notice. Cpromo has no control over the legality of any coupons or other offers offered by the seller, the ability of the seller to complete the sale in accordance with the offer, and the quality of the goods offered by the seller. Cpromo has no control over whether the seller will comply with the offer shown on the website and in the forum, nor can it guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information on the website. The User agrees to waive any claim, claim, suit, damages (direct and indirect), damages, cost, or known and any disputes arising out of the User’s use of the Website and the Forum, or the information on the Website and the Forum. Unknown or disclosed and undisclosed rights to compensation, and waived Cpromo's liability in this regard.

The website and its affiliated social media accounts are provided by Cpromo on an "as available" basis. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Cpromo makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the Website and the Forum, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose, and during the course of the transaction or during the performance of the contract. Any implied warranties arising. The User hereby agrees that Cpromo shall not be liable for any costs and damages arising out of any dispute between the User and any Seller, and the User hereby waives Cpromo and its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, parent company, and subsidiaries. The right of companies, agents and representatives to make such claims. Cpromo makes no representations or warranties regarding any goods or services offered by Seller or Supplier. In addition, Cpromo does not guarantee that the website and forum access will be uninterrupted or in error, and that any loss or damage caused by the user's access or inability to access the website and forum (including but not limited to the user's purchase of the item from the participating seller) is not possible. Cpromo does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage caused by the discount and the inability to use the coupon. In any case, for any reason and any liability based on the user's use of the website or forum, or for the actions or omissions of the Cpromo management website and forum, or with any goods or services purchased or used by the seller or supplier In connection, Cpromo is not liable for any damages, claims or losses (including but not limited to compensatory, incidental, indirect, special, consequential or punitive damages), regardless of whether or not Dealhem is aware of such damages. The possibility of compensation, claim or loss, and whether or not the basic purpose of any limited relief is achieved.

The User agrees to indemnify and ensure that CPROMO, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors and employees are exempt from any third party's use of the Website and Forum, User's breach of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, or User or User Account. Other users infringe any user's account or any intellectual property rights or any other rights of any person or entity, or any claims or claims arising out of any intimidation, defamation, obscenity, misappropriation or infringement of material in any member's communications, including reasonable Attorney fees and expenses.

The Terms and Conditions of this Agreement may change at any time; Cpromo will post changes on this page. The User agrees to be bound by all of the above Terms and Conditions, including the updated terms and conditions. Cpromo assumes no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the user not being aware of the changes. Users should periodically visit this page to determine if this Agreement has been modified or changed. If the user does not agree to any changes to this Agreement, he or she should immediately terminate the username, password and registration and stop using the registered account.

The user agrees to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Users can participate in websites and forums to the extent permitted by laws, regulations and regulations. Cpromo reserves the right to refuse to register or to limit, modify or terminate its username, password and registration without any liability to the user or any other third party for any of the following circumstances: User violates any laws, regulations and regulations. User participation may result in violation of any laws, regulations and regulations.

The User hereby confirms that the content of the Website and the Forum, including but not limited to the text, sound, pictures, graphics and other materials and services and software provided by Cpromo, Cpromo's advertisers, sellers or other related parties, are subject to copyright, Protection of trademarks, service marks, patents and/or other proprietary rights and laws. Users may obtain the express authorization from Cpromo, Cpromo's advertisers, vendors or other interested parties to use the content, services or software. The User hereby acknowledges that all intellectual property rights in the Site and the Forum are owned by Cpromo or its licensors. The provision of the Website and the Forum shall not be deemed to transfer any rights, title or interest in the Intellectual Property to the User or any third party.

Cpromo takes the privacy of its users very seriously and tries to ensure the privacy of its users. Please read these terms carefully before sharing the following personally identifiable information:

1) in the following circumstances, Cpromo will collect personal information provided by the user: user registration; user survey; login notice; registration to participate in lottery or receive gifts; send email to Cpromo, or send user information to Cpromo in any other way. The information collected may include the user's name, email address, and other information that can be used to identify the user. Some of Cpromo's services are available to users without providing personal information, but some features designed to protect user information will not be available.

Cpromo also collects non-personal information about users when they use Cpromo's services, such as the user's browser type, URL of previously visited websites, ISP, operating system, and IP address. If a user accesses a website or forum through a mobile device or other device, Cpromo will collect a unique device identifier assigned to the device or other information about the device. If a user receives an email or reminder from Cpromo, regardless of whether they click on an ad or offer, Cpromo considers it open and tracks the information. In addition, like most website operators, Cpromo uses analytics and reporting technologies to record information such as Internet domain names and hostnames, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser software and operating system types, clickstream patterns, and access properties and more. The date and time of the service.

If a user visits a website or forum through a third-party service provider such as Facebook, Google, or Sina Weibo, Cpromo will access the information described in the authorization request. Users must review the privacy settings of third-party service providers to ensure that only the information they want to share is shared.

2) Cpromo can use any user information collected in any of the following ways:

• Provide a personalized user experience (user information helps Cpromo better respond to individual needs.)

• Optimize websites and forums (Cpromo has long been committed to continuously optimizing website and forum functionality based on user information and feedback.)

• Improve customer service (user information helps Cpromo respond more effectively to customer service requests and support needs.)

• Manage activities, promotions, surveys, or other website features.

• Send emails and reminders on a regular basis (the email address provided when the user registers is only used to send users information and updates related to the website and forums, as well as transaction information requested by the user. Users who choose to join the Cpromo mailing list will receive the email. Information such as offers, coupons, corporate news, updates, related products or services. Cpromo will provide detailed unsubscribe instructions below each message. Users can cancel the message at any time.)

• Implement the relevant policies and the terms and conditions of this agreement.

3) Cpromo attaches great importance to the security of users' personal information and takes commercially reasonable measures to ensure the security of users' personal information. However, due to the inherent openness of the Internet, Cpromo cannot guarantee that the communication between the user and Cpromo or the information stored or transmitted through the website and forum will not be accessed by unauthorized third parties. The risks faced by users when using the website and forum are The user is responsible for it.

4) Cpromo uses cookies to understand and save user access preferences, track ads, and aggregate website and forum traffic and interaction data so that Cpromo can provide users with better website experiences and tools in the future. Cpromo may work with third-party service providers to better understand website and forum visitors. The information collected by third party service providers in the name of Cpromo can only be used to help Cpromo provide and improve the service.

Google, a third-party vendor, uses cookies to advertise on our site. Google uses DART cookies to send advertisements to users who visit our website or other websites on the Internet. Users can stop using DART cookies by visiting the Google Advertising and Content Network Privacy Policy.

In order to better serve our users and provide offers and coupons of interest to our users, we use Google Analytics to collect personal background characteristics and interest data from users, and the information collected is not shared with any third parties. Visitors can opt out of Google Analytics display ads and set up ad impressions for the Google Network through Ad Settings.

5) Cpromo does not sell, trade or otherwise transfer user personal information to any party other than a trusted third party (to assist Cpromo to operate websites and forums, conduct business, provide services to users), trusted third parties also You must agree to keep the user's personal information confidential. Cpromo may also disclose user information for purposes such as complying with the law, implementing website policies, or protecting the rights, property or security of Cpromo or other parties. However, non-personal information may be used by other parties for marketing, advertising or other legitimate purposes.

6) Cpromo's website and forum contain or provide a web link to a third-party product or service. Such third-party websites have separate and independent privacy policies. Therefore, Cpromo is not responsible for the content and activities of these linked websites. Despite this, Cpromo seeks to protect the integrity of its websites and forums, and users are welcome to provide feedback on relevant websites. Some links may be provided by advertisers, and if the content of the ad is clicked, the user will jump to the advertiser's website by associating cookies.

7) This online privacy policy applies only to information collected through online websites and forums, and does not apply to information collected offline.

We may suspend or terminate your account for any reason or for no reason. Reasons for suspending or terminating an account may include breach of terms and conditions, resulting in liability for other users of the site, or account not being used. Any violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement will result in the termination of the username, password and registration. If the user account is inactive for twenty-four (24) consecutive months or involves any illegal activities, Cpromo reserves the right to terminate the relevant user, password and registration.

Cpromo's failure to exercise any of the rights under this Agreement or the failure to enforce any of the terms of this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of such rights or terms.

This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Saskachewen, Canada without regard to conflict of laws and the User agrees to accept the exclusive use of the courts of Saskatoon, Saskachewen, for all disputes relating to this Agreement or in connection with the use of the Cpromo Services. Jurisdiction and trial.

Nothing in this Agreement (or part of the Terms) is considered invalid, illegal or unenforceable, and the Terms are invalid only insofar as it is prohibited and unenforceable, without causing the remainder of the Terms or the rest of this Agreement. The terms are invalid. Subject to applicable law, the parties to this Agreement hereby agree to waive the legal provisions that render the terms of this Agreement invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect.