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Cpromo is an O2O (online-to-offline) local life service platform. We provide a group-discount website that sells vouchers from merchants for deals; merchants could also create their specials and coupons online for buyers who demand a discount. The purpose of this platform is to change current marketing solutions available, to provide the merchant a lower-cost method to develop the market and to offer the user a variety of specials they could use for their daily life

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Artificial Intelligence

CPM Group's "Industrial AI" layout is to build a three-dimensional ecology from data collection, data processing, data analysis to cloud computing based on AI.

In the future, CPM's artificial intelligence will be deployed and implemented in the fields of agriculture, modern industry, environment, medical care, and smart city data. Our AI will help enterprises become intelligent. Among them, the field of machine intelligence research mainly focuses on machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies to carry out theoretical and applied research to help industries such as retail, medical, judicial, and transportation improve their efficiency, promote changes in economics, space technology, automatic control(s), computer design, and manufacturing.

AI computing is the foundation and starting point of CPM's future industrial layout

Big Data

Our current society is fast-growing, has advanced technology and rapid information circulation. Communication between people is getting closer, and life is getting more and more convenient. Big data is the product of this high-tech era.

Through big data, CPM can provide more valuable help to many small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, companies that provide products or services to a large number of consumers can use big data for precision marketing; small, medium and micro enterprises can use big data. Data is used for service transformation; traditional enterprises that must transform under the pressure of the Internet need to advance with the times and make full use of the value of big data. By combining big data and high-performance analysis to analyze the root causes of failures, problems, and defects promptly, companies may save billions of dollars each year; plan real-time traffic routes for thousands of express vehicles to avoid congestion; analyze all SKUs, Pricing and clearing inventory to maximize profit; pushing customers' preferential information that may be of interest to them according to their buying habits; quickly identifying gold customers from a large number of customers; using clickstream analysis and data mining to avoid fraud.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become the core driving force for the transformation of enterprises. It not only refreshes the management of enterprise IT infrastructure but also brings smarter computing methods to enterprises. As a service acquisition and delivery model for IT resources, cloud computing can help companies improve business performance and provide IT resource costs.

Through the simplified method, it can not only meet the business needs of the enterprise but also promote the rapid innovation and intelligent decision-making of the enterprise with unlimited scalability and different levels of services. It can be said that cloud computing has unparalleled advantages in terms of economy, performance, and integration. The changes brought about by cloud computing services are by no means limited to IT systems. In the face of unpredictable business needs and competitive pressures at home and abroad, Smart Cloud not only injects more potential and vitality into enterprises but also provides unprecedented innovative solutions at the level of operation, safety, innovation, and service.

Forward-looking companies can use it to expand new markets and create broader profit margins, as well as intelligent business services. At the same time, the smart cloud also relies on its huge advantages to change the way enterprises and even the entire business operations. There is reason to believe that the smart cloud can not only provide all-out efforts for the transformation of enterprises but also will inevitably bring earth-shaking changes to the development of enterprises.

Exploring Futures

If it is said that the Internet has went ‘from nothing to something" in the past 20 years, then in the next 30 years, the Internet will go ‘from nothing to nothing’. This ‘nothing’ is the ‘nothing’ of ‘ubiquitous’, and no one can exist without the Internet.

Today’s Internet companies are the darlings of the times. They have gained unprecedented opportunities and wealth, but more importantly, they should handle the huge responsibilities they have never encountered before. Therefore, CPM should rely on continuous innovation to win the market and rely on responsibility, sharing, and Inclusive spirit wins respect.

The Internet is going deep into all aspects of society, and the influence of the Internet technological revolution may exceed the sum of all technological revolutions in the past. In the next 30 years, data will become a means of production, computing will be productivity, and the Internet will become a production relationship.

The focus of the development of the digital economy is not the virtual Internet economy itself, but more on the real economy. CPM is committed to helping and supporting more small and medium-sized enterprises to experience and enjoy the convenience brought by technology, and aims to inject fresh vitality into their development.