About Us

CPM Group

About Us

The mission of CPM Group is to help businesses to do better business.

We aim to help companies adapt their marketing, sales, and operation methods and help improve their efficiency. We provide businesses with technical infrastructure and marketing platforms to help them interact with consumers through the power of new technologies and operate more efficiently.

Our business includes, but is not limited to core business, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, and innovative businesses. Around our platform and services, a digital economy covering consumers, merchants, brands, retailers, third-party service providers, strategic partners and other enterprises will be established.

Our vision

We aim to build a better and easier commercial system for the future. Through the combination of traditional industries and emerging technologies, we will create an eco-commercial service system.

Our vision is that from consumers to employees to businesses, everything required or desired can be achieved at CPM Group.


CPM Group was founded in 2017, the establishment of our culture, business model, and system must stand the test of time, allowing us to achieve long-term sustainable development. The ultimate goal of CPM is to create opportunities for SMBs to put their service, brand, and product in the world to better enhance the international competitiveness of SMBs and turn small and medium-sized enterprises development become the driving force of the entire society.


We facilitate daily business and social interactions between consumers and businesses, helping them interact better and discover more opportunities.


We provide customers with business infrastructure and new technologies, allowing them to build businesses, create value, and share benefits with participants in our ecosystem.


We are committed to expanding the scope of products and services, making CPM an important part of our customers' daily lives.

As our business continues to expand, from technology to trading, finance, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, and many other fields, CPM has evolved into a unique, dynamic and, innovative ecosystem.


CPM Group was founded in 2017 in Saskatoon, SK, Canada by Kenney Ke Liu, a former Pizza Restaurant Owner, Car salesman, and Banker and, 5 other partners from diverse backgrounds. Our founders established this company to support the development of small businesses. They believe that the Internet can create a fair environment for small companies to expand their businesses through innovation and technology, and to participate more effectively in national and international market competitions. We firmly believe that focusing on the customer needs and providing meaningful solutions (whether the customer is a consumer, merchant, or enterprise) will ultimately lead our business to success.